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More than a decade ago we set a vision for the company to work primarily on sustainable solutions.

Sustainability Goals

Sustainability Goals

Sustainable Solutions

Pioneering Sustainable solutions for Green Aquaculture
GTFL Sapphire PE Nets Solutions
Our Sapphire PE Nets products, increased salmon farm protection leads to drop in sea culls
Seal Pro Products
the number of seals culled
A salmon producer has reported seeing a reduction in seal culling after introducing new nets to keep them away from fish.
Seal Pro Netting
for very good cut resistance and stiffness
Scottish Sea Farms (SSF) said new Sea Pro netting was piloted at its Orkney fish farms. Since it was installed in 2016, SSF claims no culls were required there.
GTFL V2 - Sustainable Antifouling Solutions
Reduction of Copper Impact on the Environment
Seal Pro Products
~3400 kilos
reduction of copper with our V2 net
If we consider 100% of the copper is released into the environment during the service life of the net, V2 net will result in reduction of ~3400kilos of copper as compared to AF painted Nylon net.
13600 metric ton
reduction of copper in environment
If we consider 4000 net cages are used at any given point of time in Norway for farming Salmon, and if all 4000net cages are replaced with V2 nets, the total impact in terms of reduction of copper into the environment will be 13600metric tons of copper.
Trial of the Industry’s First Certified Bio-Based Cage Net in New Zealand
Seal Pro Products
reduction in GHG emissions
Up to 70% Reduction in GHG emissions compared to regular aquaculture cage nets.

Corporate Initiatives